How to Make Love With a Woman – Her Hot Fantasies During Sex

Sex Story : How to Make Love With a Woman – Her Hot Fantasies During Sex


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When things get a little too hard to handle (especially if it involves women) we men can sometimes do stupid things and end up swallowing up everything that’s been said before — which is pretty painful if you ask me. To put it simply, we just can get off beat with women when it comes to a lot of things — namely, sex. Well, sex is a good thing and women enjoy it as much as men do, however, there always seem to be this kind of barrier which makes us male species look more like beasts instead of the dashing Romeo that we are — how to make love with a woman? And how do we do it right? Below are a few of her hot fantasies during sex she’s dying for you to make it come true:

  • Treat her body like a wonderland. Women love to beautiful and they love it when you tell them so. It means that when making love with a woman, don’t just make it happen so it can happen — it needs passion. You have to treat her like a queen and explore her body like you’re in wonderland. And believe me, you’ll definitely enjoy the tour — much to her pleasure.
  • Take her nice and slow. Never rush a woman into doing something — whatever it is. Women need to be geared up and to be taken slowly before we can actually say they’re ready for the big thing. This requires you a little patience but don’t worry — the rewards are definitely good and worth it.
  • Whisper sweet nothings in her ear. During the process (when she’s already moaning and groaning in pleasure) add up some more spice by talking dirty. And don’t be all out loud enough for the neighbors to hear — be gentle and whisper to her ear — it’s enough to drive her wild for round two!
  • Make her feel wanted and desired. That means, making love should be taken literally — you have to do it lovingly. When things start to get heated and she’s turned on big time, that can be a time you can go a little rough. But for now, try to step on the brakes a little — she needs some more gear shifts before you can go on high speed and go all the way.
  • Make her reach it first. This can be pretty challenging since women orgasm way slower than men (but hey, they’re capable to have it in multiples!) that’s why it’s better you shift into sexual positions for a while so you can still hold it in — it sure is going to be on ego boost to you if you made her totally satisfied — and wanting for more.

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Mark J Hamilton