Why do married men cheat but still want to be with their wives? Here are some reasons why

Sex Story : Why do married men cheat but still want to be with their wives? Here are some reasons why


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This is probably one of the most common questions that I asked. Wives often asked how can fool people still swear by their (often quite sincerely) that they still want to be with them. I am often asked as possible. If he is interested in another person enough to have physical relations with them (often in secret) than as it can still be committed and invested in the relationship with his wife?

Answers to these questions can be quite complex. As a woman, it would be difficult for me to answer these questions from the male point of view. However, I sometimes men find a blog that or comment on the site or contact me who directly. These men often need advice on how to make things right with their wives and their marriage. These conversations and comments often give me a unique insight into what these people think and where their hearts really. I often pass these things on wives to help them understand (to the extent that they can), why people can cheat and then say that he still wants to be with (and probably still in love with his wife ). In the next article, I will share with you some of the ideas that these men give me.

Men often want to stay with their wives after cheating because marriage is not what contribution Affair: This is a general assumption that men cheat because there are questions or problems their marriage or with their wives. This is not always the case. In fact, I would say that it is rare there. However, no marriage is perfect and people sometimes use flaws in marriage to justify their actions.

But marriage is often not the cause of action. Cheating is usually a reaction to the deficiencies in the man himself. This usually he grabs the straw in order to address their shortcomings. Examples of this are things like low self-esteem, self-doubt, boredom, feelings of vulnerability and experiencing a personal crisis. These things, of course, does not excuse his actions or his deception, but understanding it can help you understand how marriage has less to do with business than most people believe.

Taking this further, if the marriage was not the reason for the cause, at least in his mind, the core of marriage has not changed. And very often when it comes collapsed, people will understand how much he took his wife and marriage for granted. This may not mean all that much to marry, but often this is part of his thinking process.

Men often come to understand what the other person is not someone who he thought she was, and she can “t Solve their problems: When a person vulnerable to be incorrect, it will often justify their actions in his own mind with the construction of another person to be what he is not. He is hoping that this man could help him solve anything happening to him. He often provides that no one should know whether be hurt by it. But as time goes on, it usually eventually became clear that it would still be struggling with the same problems as the only one who can solve these problems for him myself.

This often dampen his enthusiasm for the other person and, over time, it will usually come to learn that it is not the person he thought she was and what it is now clear that the only person who can save it by himself. It also sometimes becomes apparent that a relationship based on deception and lies is doomed to failure.

Once reality is crashing down around him, many Cheating Men understand that must have taken their wives first place: Often, when the reality of the situation becomes apparent, the man realizes that he has a big problem than it once was the case. This can be devastating to him, and he will often want a safe place to fall. When he looks around hoping for someone to pick it up and dust from it as you think it turns on? He returned to the man who knows him better than anyone else, and who was always there for him -. His wife

Of course, the wife can not be fully receptive to this. It can also reject it. So often I hear from wives who tell me, “I just want my life back. I just wanted to turn back and find out that cheating has never been.” But the fact that his wife often believe that their husbands, who often feel cheated as well.

Men are generally at the point where they are now able to see that it just made more problems than they solve, and now they feel worse about themselves than they ever before. They want to be with someone who knows them like no other, and who was always there for them. This is not a fair request, of course. They have betrayed his wife before this realization occurred, so now they risk losing it. Of course, it usually makes it seem even more attractive. It is human nature to want what you can not have, or think you may have lost.

Of course the wife will often reject these claims from men. And you can not blame her. As it turns out, can only guess. But I hope this article has shown that many men are quite sincere when they say they remain committed and want to stay with their wives after the case or deceit.


Katie Lersch